2 Apr 2009

Vote for Jean and support the Dalits!

I must admit all this brutality is getting me down....however must get on with promoting some practical and political resistance...its all about grassroots social change, people are oppressed as part of a process where the environment is wrecked.

Social justice is linked to ecology

So it is particularly good to see the e newsletter from Jean Lambert showing all her work on justice and the environment as London's Green Party MEP.

Please vote for her on 4th June....its really important to make sure she is re-elected.

This item on newsletter on Dalit Solidarity is just one example of her vitally important work

As part of my long-standing association with the Dalit Solidarity Network, I participated in a protest at the Indian High Commission. The protest also marked International Women's Day, since the majority of the 1.3 million people of ‘untouchable' caste status in India are women, and are forced to earn their living by doing dangerous and degrading work in appalling conditions. The protest called on the Indian Government to release a substantial pot of money set-aside for providing these ‘manual scavengers' with education, healthcare and decent jobs, emphasising that no human being should be considered "untouchable"

The Dalit Solidarity Network have a website here.

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