4 Apr 2009


If you were snatched out, or assaulted, or arrested at the Climate Camp in
the City OR if you witnessed, photographed or videoed these things
happening to anyone else you could describe or identify, PLEASE write up a
description of it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That means immediately! This very
instant! Memories of important detail can fade quickly - what's more the
courts know this so it is important that your notes are as
"contemporaneous" as possible.

When writing witness statements, try to make sure your description would
make sense to someone who hadn't been there and knew nothing of the
background. Explain the "lie of the land", and set the scene of anything
relevant which happened beforehand. And just to reiterate, PLEASE DO IT
NOW! Send to legal@climatecamp.org.uk.

Also, please write a statement if you have any evidence on the police
activity at the Southern end of Bishopsgate from 7pm onwards to the very
final dispersal.

If you have any potentially relevant video footage, please let us know
what location and time you have and let us know at

Finally, if you were arrested in relation to the Climate Camp and you
haven't been in touch with the Legal Team, contact

Thank you very much,
Legal Team

ps. We apologise that we're not responding to anything other than urgent
emails at the moment.

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