13 Apr 2009

Climate protest criminalised?

Reports are coming through that up to a 100 people have been arrested in Nottingham because of a threat to a power station.

I am assuming they are climate protesters rather than militant campaigners for an independent Nottingham or 'Fathers for Justice (sic)'.

I myself have a nice pink police slip from last years climate camp, informing me that I am a potential threat to a power station.

Lets face it, the government will do nothing about climate change and repress those who protest.

Looks like that as temperatures increase, so will the repression.

And of course instead of bringing renewables, cheap and effecient public transport, protection for the rainforests....carbon trading and assaults on the poorest of the planet will step up.

Those in Africa who consume just a few percent of the resources of Americans will be forced to control their population, so a cannibalistic elite can continue to eat the world.

Climate change is so severe a problem we need to take direct action...but doing so will make us criminals.

No doubt the death of Ian Tomlinson will have succeeded in encouraging more people to send money to an ineffective ngo or write to their MP who will use their note as toilet paper rather than taking direct action, Climate camp style that has an impact.

Its even rumoured the government are going to pay us to buy cars...stupido, why not put money into converting car production into making windmills or buses.

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