Communist Party of India (M) in crisis

Half of the current CPI(M) membership joined in the last decade and the leadership warned that many new recruits were prey to "modern lifestyle vices" such as careerism and consumerism and "lack the knowledge of communist lifestyle."
reports the Morning Star here.

Something has to change, the Communist Party of India (M) is seen as a violent and destructive group by my comrades in West has supported land seizures at places like Nandigram where Tata Nana were to build their plant. The CPI(M) lost badly in recent elections.

Be nice if they went through a transformation but I am not holding my breath! Unless they treat Indian farmers a bit better they are going to be history.

Still whether it is West Bengal or Peru or cyberspace, when it comes to the enclosure of the commons and the theft of land, popular movements are breaking down the fences.


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