'I salute you and all those in developed countries who struggle to prevent the extinction of our species. '

Hugo Blanco has kindly sent his kind regards to tomorrow's Climate and Capitalism seminar tomorrow.

See some of you tomorrow at Friends House, Euston at this event by the way.

I wish every success to your Green Left / Socialist Resistance event.

I salute you and all those in rich countries struggle to prevent the extinction of our species.

That struggle is being developed by indigenous peoples in places as far apart as Borneo and Peru.

The reason is that these people feel directly attacked by the greed of big business that devastates forests, poisons rivers and kills the arable land with agrochemical monoculture.

We trust you will understand that one of the key tasks, for environmentalists in your countries, is solidarity with our indigenous people who are offering their lives, their health, their freedom, in defense of Mother Earth.

We hope that you and we coordinate our actions, we reach to ensure the survival of our species.

fraternal greetings

Hugo Blanco
Director of "Lucha Indigena" newspaper


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