27 Sep 2009


'Um, cancel your plans for tonight people, because "sources" indicate that whathisname, the President of Venezuela, will be on Larry fucking King's variety hour tonight. 9 p.m. Eastern. CNN. Can this possibly be true?' Bo Rev just says it like it is, please no more pets in blenders though, its not nice. More here.

On a different note 'An essential guide to green politics reviewed here'.

'Yes, I have received many threats. Even today I continue to receive direct threats from the mining company.' remember gold comes with blood more from Guatemala here.

The LGBT community in Serbia also face violence, Joseph Healy of Green Left reports on the attacks on Belgrade Pride here.

Is the truth enough?....the third estate suspects not when it comes to the BNP and to climate change, look here.

'Left' web counterpunch has been condemned for anti-semitism....publishing a story that revives the blood libel...Socialist Unity argues that we should not tolerate anti-semitism. I agree!

Should ecosocialist stop flying? asks Ian Angus here, I try not to but life style change is not enough.

Liam from the left, joins the spending cuts debate with some novel suggestions here.

'Here inside the Pittsburgh G20 Summit it feels like being there at the birth of a postmodernist medieval empire.' more here.

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