'wind power to people'

Just seen this from IOW bloggers....day of Vestas protest on 17th this thursday!

In an effort to continue to keep attention on the closing of the Newport blade plant, protesters have just recently scaled up cranes in Southampton docks that were to be used to lift the last remaining Vestas blades onto the barges to take them away.

We spoke with one of the sacked Vestas workers, Jaymie Rigby, who had occupied the Newport plant back in July/August.

He told us that Police have informed the protesters that they won’t be removing the banner that says “Wind power to the people,” due to certain legislation.

Another banner, that says “Our blades our power” has also been attached to the Vestas Bladerunner barge.

It’s thought that the banners will stay up there “for a couple of weeks.”
We’ve also just heard that a number of people have also occupied one of the barges which is needed to move the last blades from the Newport plant to Southampton.

Read more: http://ventnorblog.com/2009/09/15/vestas-protesters-climb-up-southampton-crane-photos/#ixzz0RC6XorTl


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