Mark Anthony France 'Sacked for saving us cash'

Where can we make spending cuts?

Well Mark Anthony France, a clerical worker from Bromsgrove, has saved the taxpayer thousands.

But for doing so has been sacked. What a society we live in.

He ran a campaign to call for the resignation of high spending Bromsgrove MP Julie Kirkbride.

She stood down and this has saved quite a tidy sum.

He has been sacked from his job. The evidence is in the form of blog comments he made.

Pretty obvious that someone, I wonder who? spent a lot of time tracking him down.

Those who do good in Britain are persecuted and the 'cuts' issue is becoming a circus whereby the rich taxpayers can call for cuts in civil servants pay or benefits for those on low incomes....while they rake it in.

Mark Anthony France is a real you could write to your MP to defend him but the MPs hate him for the obvious reason he supported a campaign to cull their greed.

Mark is my kind of hero, I wish him luck in his appeal.

He is not a greedy MP but a low paid worker trying to get by and sacked for doing good.


Anonymous said…
He IS a hero!
Anonymous said…
No, he's not, he's a self publicising, selfish knob...
Derek Wall said…
I notice you don't use your own name are you an MP?

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