28 Sep 2009

Coup closes down radio station!

Just had some information from inside the Brazillian embassy in Honduras...

The coup leaders in Honduras are cracking down, please note the following and take action, thanks to Calvin for this,


The building of Radio Globo in Tegucigalpa is currently surrounded by army and police at the start of their broadcast at 5:00AM today September 28th.

This happens in the context of a new decree from the coup regime that further attacks constitutional rights. That decree explicitly threatens independent radio and TV stations with closure if they fail to heed the order to stop challenging the regime.

Radio Globo is reporting their front door is being smashed in and the broadcasters David Romero and Ronnie Martinez are appealing to the listeners for help.

Please make urgent representations for the Foreign Office to demand the respect the life and physical safety of the radio staff and the respect of press freedom.

I’ve just received this message from the president’s daughter, Hortensia ‘Pichu’ Zelaya, who is under seige at the Brazilian embassy:

“Be alert! Any information you send to us here through email is public. ‘X’ reports that the military are now seizing the equipment of Cholusat Sur TV and Radio Globo, and removing it from the premises.”

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