17 Sep 2009

Rich hunters attack indigenous!

'Since mid August, the eviction of pastoralists has taken a new form where one to two people are taken every day and locked up. You can only get released by the police or told no case to answer if you give money to them, most people are giving money to police not because they have done anything wrong but because they fear for their safety.'

The Maasai in Tanzania are being removed from a National Park.

They have had to graze in the park because hotter weather is drying their pastures...a product of climate change.

They are being expelled from the park so that rich people can hunt game.

Repeat after me 'This is the way world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way world ends'

Those who respect the planet are being removed from the land, the 'Gordos' bloated and rich are sucking our planet dry and can pay handsomely to bribe the cops and police public opinion.

Know any 'Gordos'. they are generally in charge and pay some one an awful lot of money to drive the train over the cliff.

Please support the Maasai. Please ignore the 'Gordos' bloated, greedy and blowing up the world!

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