Caroline Lucas needs to debate!

lets face the bland boring leaders all believe in nuclear weapons, war in Afghanistan, free markets and cuts.....Caroline needs a place in the debate, just had this from John Reardon, thanks amigo.

'My blog is at I'm our PPC here in Carlisle and we have a rapidly growing local party. We had twenty people out on the streets delivering our target ward newsletter last week! ' says John

Dear all,

The BBC News website announced today that plans for a series of three televised leaders' debates in the run up to the next general election are now in the process of being agreed. This is the most advanced that such proposals have become after many years of getting nowhere, and it's increasingly likely that the debates will happen in some form.

More on the BBC website here at:

For the sake of democracy the Greens must be included in these debates and our case for inclusion is overwhelming.

Please can I ask that you do three things to lobby for Caroline's inclusion?

1. Join my Facebook group at (group name is Include the Greens in the general election televised leaders' debate).

2. Inform the BBC that as the national public service broadcaster they have a duty to ensure Caroline's inclusion. Go to and click on "send a comment/tell you my views".

Alternatively you can telephone the BBC on 03700 100 222 or write to them at:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT

3. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. If you have a blog please publicise this issue.

Best wishes,

John Reardon
Carlisle and Eden Green Party


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