8 Dec 2009

Fianna Fail/Green coalition fail to green Dublin

The study found that Dublin produces 9.72 tonnes of CO2 emissions per head, nearly twice the European average of 5.2 tonnes. Dubliners also consumed 156 gigajoules of energy per year compared to an average of 81 gigajoules.

In addition, the energy consumption of our residential buildings is 1281 megajoules, far higher than the 30 city average of 909 megajoules and Dublin residents each consume about 128 cubic metres of water each year as against an average of 105 cubic metres.

The study also shows that just one in five people use public transport, compared to 42 per cent across Europe.

Both the length of the capital's public transport network and its cycle lanes are well below the 30-city average and the lack of a fully-integrated ticketing system for public transport is also remarked upon.


I am guessing the economic crash has reduced emissions, the gombeen spammers will be on in a minute to tell me how wonderful John Gormley is, I suspect they are actually John Gormley.

When does his limo get to Copenhagen....think I will stick with idealist radicals who never win like Evo Morales and Elinor Ostrom, rather than those 'realists with power' in Dublin

Elinor who, Evo stick the gombeen men and women will cry.

We need a Green Party in Ireland, volunteers please.

At the moment the ghost of Charlie Haughey keeps green politics locked up in a basement...


Anonymous said...

Well said Derek. The Irish Greens are a disgrace.

They'll probably be on here presently accusing the Irish Times of being an "anti Green rag" or something of the sort (does that spound familiar?).

Shame on the Irish Greens. Another in a long, long list of pathethic failures. Mr. Gormley, I hope your time in the Heathrow VIP lounge and all those limo rides have been worth it. Because thats how you and your rotten party will be remembered. Nose firmly in the through with the rest of the gombeen pigs.

Gormley, hang your head in shame.

Derek Wall said...

I have had the pleasure of helping Caroline Lucas in Brighton last weekend and spent this weekend on the climate march with Nandor Tanczos, the former NZ Green Party MP and his partner, there are some really inspiring Green politicians out there but sadly John 'biofuels' Gormley is not one of them.

I appreciate in politics compromises have to be made, and people are imperfect but the irish greens are a palm oil fuelled stretch car crash.

guess they will be on saying how wonderful they are in a second...

Anonymous said...

... dont you mean limo crash?

And as for them coming on here saying how great they are ... well, the Irish people gave their verdict on that last June in the local elections. Guess what? The Greens were almost totally wiped out and now have virtually no local representation.

The Greens will be further judged by the Irish people at the next general election. It's odds on that they will lose all their seats.

So that'll be it then for Green politics in Ireland. Within the next two years they will have almost no local representation, and probably no TD's. And nothing achieved during their time in power (except a few limo rides and fat pensions for themselves of course).

That is indeed "great". Well done Irish Greens!!!

TheVirginiaAndrew said...

The Irish Parliament just voted to introduce a carbon levy, with all point set aside for a program of energy insulation, rural public transport & mitigation for low income homes.
Ah go on Derek, give some credit where it is due!

Anonymous said...

The Irish Govt also just voted to slash the public transport budget.

And to cut the dole.

And to cut child benefit.

And a 5% wage cut to those earning up to €30k in the public service. (the same cut your €200k TD's took today).

And no moratorium on housing repossessions.

And the cynical slight of hand about how much of a "paycut" your beloved TD's are taking. They are still some of the highest paid in the world.

And no mention whatsoever of reform of TD's and Govt ministers expenses. So that'll be no end to the limos and VIP lounges for Gormley and co. then.

And no mention of Dail or Seanad reform.

More details at http://www.labour.ie/press/

And finally, no standing ovation this time from Gormley, Ryan and the rest of the gombeen Greens in Govt.

The poorest hit hard ... the richest protected. The Greens are now more FF that FF themselves.

You and your Green Party are a total disgrace.

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