6 Dec 2009

Cop out camp out crew message

Yesterday hundreds of climate campers took over Trafalgar Square to begin
the COP OUT occupation in the run up to the doomed Copenhagen Climate
Conference. Within minutes marquees, a kitchen, tripods, a projector,
banners, and pop up tents had surrounded the enormous Christmas tree and
filled the space.

The camp shows no sign of stopping and the energy continues to rise. But
we need everyone to come down, especially if you can't make it to
Copenhagen itself. Come for as little or as long as you can. The camp will
generate plenty of ideas and opportunities for taking a genuine stand for
climate justice here in the UK.

Grab your pop up tent, a sleeping bag, and plenty of warm clothes then
hurry on down!

See you shortly,

PS: There might be a present under the Christmas tree for you...

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