29 Aug 2010

BNP Doctor in slimming pill crisis appeal

I just don’t have the money to relaunch my cosmetic career . . . I’m in a bit of a state at the moment.
“I need equipment, lasers and so on, but I’m broke.
“In a way it might have been better if I’d been struck off . . . at least then I could have looked at starting afresh in a new career. This has left me hanging on for three years

The racist BNP is in apparent free fall. Despite earlier crisis, indications are that they could now be in real trouble. Marmite-gate, where the party breached corporate copyright looks likely to lose them £100,000s, leader Nick Griffin's heavy handed approach to internal critics has led to calls for a new far right Party from former 'legal advisor' John Lee Barnes, the Party's only representative on the Greater London Assembly ex- gay porn producer Richard Barnbrook has gone independent.

To add to this the saga of Dr Allan Paterson's on going dog fight with the medical establishment continues. Lead candidate for the North East Euro consituency, the former Ulster Unionist, was suspended for prescribing a controversial obeseity pill to a patient who was allegedly not obese.

The original hearing in December 2007 heard how Dr Patterson, a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Practitioners, prescribed a once-banned diet pill called Phentermine to a woman who was not technically obese at the Fifth Element Clinic in Gateshead back in July 2005.
Phentermine was linked to dizziness, depression, headaches, high blood pressure and other side effects, but Dr Patterson failed to adequately warn her of its dangers or fully assess her by measuring her weight or blood pressure.
The panel concluded Dr Patterson’s actions had been “inappropriate, unprofessional and not in her best interests” and suspended him for a year, but the ban was extended by the GMC until last September, when 12 restrictions were imposed.
In the meantime, however, Dr Patterson claims his private practice “melted away” leaving him in a dire financial situation.


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