16 Aug 2010

Indigenous candidate to run for Peruvian President

This is just from google translate, cos its late, I haven't time to go through it

Basically Aidesep who are the indigenous organisation in the Peruvian Amazon, effective and strong at defending the rainforests, are going to run their leader Alberto Pizango as a Presidential candidate in next years Peruvian elections....this is partly in response to Government attempts to set up false indigenous groups who they can use to divide and conqueror the Amazon.

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This looks like his website here for the Presidential bid I should send him James Youd who has been working very effectively my campaign here for Green party deputy leader.

Alberto Pizango: "the government's intentionis to divide us
the people will respond by participating in the elections of 2011 "

AIDESEP, August 11, 2010. At a press conference with the international news media, Alberto Pizango Chota, president of AIDESEP, regretted that the government tried to divide the indigenous movement by creating coordinators or groups who do not have the necessary representatives to speak on behalf of the people. He reported that there are 79 cases of brothers who have pending complaints by Amazon Paro.

The indigenous leader regretted that the unknown Awajún Coordinator has negotiated with the government without the support of the people Awajún, contradicting the decisions of the Apus of the five basins of the Amazon and is centered in the spirit of reconciliation, peace, harmony between peoples so that never again repeat the tragic events of Bagua.

He reported that the prosecution of people because there are still latent sibling 107 cases reported and of which there are three prisoners, with orders to arrest 40 who are refugees by the people in their communities because there are no guarantees of the case and the rest are with subpoena.

On the political foray of indigenous peoples in the upcoming 2011 elections, Pizango Chota clarified that during the twenty-first Ordinary Congress of the AIDESEP, people decided it was time to actively participate in national politics and is proposed to collect signatures for the Party Enrollment Partnership for Alternative Sites - APHU and that mission is to create a project linking the country to the coast, mountains and jungle.

"If people suggest that I am a political figure, which you can pursue the great ideals, great proposals, major projects, I am available to them," he said.

The representative said that the project shawi country is based on three main points: a) peace and sovereignty with the right to territoriality b) education and health for all Peruvians, because the development of one country alone there are going to achieve true access both c) Good Living of peoples is the harmony between people and nature.

"Over the last government just proposed development has been destructive to nature: extractive industries, logging, deforestation, polluted rivers, cities uninhabitable as La Oroya and Cerro de Pasco. Instead, we propose a constructive development, alternative not abuse the planet that is our only home, "he concluded.

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