3 Aug 2010

Hugo Blanco ''Only the extinction of capitalism will ensure the surival of our species'

Can't wait for this, Hugo Blanco my good friend and comrade is touring the UK in just a couple of weeks time.

Hugo Blanco ''Only the extinction of capitalism will ensure the surival of our species'

Green Party and Respect members are organising the tour, ironically Eric Lubbock who is a Lib dem peer has been supporting
the indigenous in Peru and if he is well enought (Eric has two big operations coming up) is keen to meet up with Hugo.

Green Left and Socialist Resistance are organising a national tour of Britain
with Hugo Blanco during September and October 2010.
Hugo Blanco is a historic leader of the Peruvian peasant movement
who has been politically active since the 1950s. In the 1960s he played
a central part in the ‘Land or Death’ peasant uprising in the southern
highlands of Peru. He was captured, and sentenced to 25 years.
He wrote the book “Land or Death: the peasant struggle in Peru”
during this, one of his many periods in prison. In 1976 he was released
and deported to Sweden. On returning to Peru in 1978, he was elected
to parliament. He was a member of the Peruvian Senate until 1992, when
he was forced to seek political asylum in
Mexico following Alberto Fujimori’s “self-
Hugo Blanco has been at the forefront
of a huge struggle in the Peruvian Amazon,
where the government has sold off the
rain forests to the oil corporations and
the indigenous people are resisting the
devastation that brings. He is working
around the newspaper “Lucha Indigena”
(Indigenous Struggle).
The struggle in Latin America today is
an international beacon of hope for all
socialists including ecosocialists.
The people’s summit in Cochabamba,
Bolivia in 2010 showed an alternative to the total failure of the world’s
governments – especially those of the US and the European Union – to
meet the challenge of climate change.
In a world where profit is the motor force rather than human need, it
has been an inspiration that social movements in Latin America have won
important victories.
Indigenous peoples have been key to the strength and success of those
movements. Hugo argues that indigenous peoples across the planet
are in the forefront of fighting climate change and conserving the global
This is true of those struggling to preserve the lungs of the world in the
Amazon, to defend the rainforests in Borneo or against the uranium mine in
the Grand Canyon.
" Help fund Lucha Indigena: send a cheque, or fill in a Standing Order
(see back page).
More updates and details: http://socialistresistance.org/
and at: http://gptu.net/gleft/greenleft.shtml

A Seminar
Saturday September 18th
University of London Union,
Malet Street, London WC1. Nearest tube Goodge Street
Doors open (registration) 10.00
Seminar — 11.00 until 5.30.
Speakers to include: Hugo Blanco, Caroline Lucas MP
(invited), Diana Raby, Derek Wall, Stuart Piper, Grace Livingstone,
Amanda Latimer. Plus more speakers to be confirmed.
" The struggle of indigenous peoples " The significance of
Cochabamba " Food sovereignty " Water resources in Latin
America " The struggle of Latin American migrants
" Women’s struggles in Latin America " Marxism, ecology and
Latin America " Latin America — the politics of oil
Entrance: In advance £12.00 (£4.00 unwaged). At the door
£15.00 (£6.00 unwaged). Send a cheque made out to Lucha
Indigena to PO Box 62732, London SW2 9GQ.

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