12 Aug 2010

This is how they are destroying our planet and its people

Just had this, its extremely disturbing and I appreciate that some of you will not want to watch the video with its evidence of violent injury....this is how the world works, resources stolen and people oppressed. Once again I must stress that my politics are based on the politics and economics of people like Hugo Blanco and Elinor Ostrom, respect the environment, respect people, respect future generations....end the madness.

For background on the killing of Yawan (shown above) look at this article.

Dear Friends,

Here is the link, show how violence conducted in Papua, an island rich with
natural resources.

There exist the biggest mining in the word, Grassberg complex, and also natural
gas in Bintuny Bay, own by BP.

Indonesia force overwhelm this area with pretext to secure "national vital

This clip contained violence scene.


Hope this can draw your attention in what is happening in Papua.



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