The Deputy Leadership hustings London 20/8/2010



The Deputy Leadership hustings were held in London tonight.

The turnout was very good, and the questions very interesting, ranging from AV to party strategy, disability issues within the Party to political philosophies, and lots of talk on economic issues....and the occasional mention of Latin America and Elinor Ostrom from Derek!

Owen Clayton and Adam Pognowski, both of Green Left renown, also sent questions in to the hustings which were put to both candidates. And Zain Sardar, another fine and upstanding member of Green Left chaired extremely well throughout the evening. So well done to him!

(NB Green Left does not take a postion to support either candidate in this election PM)

Videos here


weggis said…
My apologies. I had planned to come along but Mrs Weggis wanted to go out for dinner.

The question I would have asked is this: Why did you not stand for Leader?
Derek Wall said…
Ask us both at the next hustings 2nd or 3rd September,Cambridge.....striking distance of North London or I will ask the chair to put our question.

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