11 Aug 2010

Caroline Lucas 'Derek Wall has provided an inspiring introduction to green politics'

I was very pleased to have a foreward for my 'No Nonsense
Guide to Green Politics' from Caroline Lucas.

Roberto Perez, Nandor Tanczos and Cynthia McKinney also
added forewards.

It was great to see her elected as our first MP, I went
down to leaflet and canvass for her five or six times and took
former MEP Hugh Kerr once, my eldest Vince Wall also came to
help as well at least once.

And nagged members of my local party in East Berkshire to go and
help in Brighton, which they did.

Anyway on to the foreward.

Derek Wall has provided an inspiring introduction to
green politics. His No-Nonsense Guide underlines the
need for both ecological politics and social justice. A
member of the Green Party here in England and Wales
since 1980, his book is shaped by his activism as an
election candidate, former Green Party Principal Speaker
and his commitment to nonviolent direct action.
Green politics is vital if we are to have a sustainable
and happy future. This book outlines key green ideas
from notions of animal rights to the Green New Deal.
Faced, as we are, with the threat of climate change,
financial catastrophe and peak oil, green politics is
more relevant than ever.

Far from being about austerity and sacrifice, green
politics are about creating an economy that delivers
prosperity in the long term. The Green New Deal,
for example, is a way of reducing our dependency on
increasingly expensive and scarce oil, while creating
jobs in renewable energy and promoting reform of the
financial system. Localizing the economy will mean
greater democratic control, fresher food and a reduced
impact on fragile ecosystems.

Green politics is about considering the needs of
future generations. The Green Party in the UK has
evolved to the point where its members can be elected
at all levels of the political system. The No-Nonsense
Guide to Green Politics will help contribute to the
growth not just of green parties but a wider green
movement both in the UK and globally.

Caroline Lucas,

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