6 Aug 2010

Former Green Party chair Penny Kemp endorsese Derek

"I have known Derek Wall for many years and he would be an excellent Deputy Leader. We have written books together and Derek has continued to write books that combine social justice with ecology, a recipe for a world based on an equitable, sustainable path. Derek understands the political imperative that requires direct action and electoral activity to make the case for Green politics. He has been a tireless worker for eco-socialism in all the years I have known him. He understands economics and knows that a system that allows the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer is not compatible with ecological justice.
Derek is passionate about green politics, an inspiring speaker and possesses all the qualities needed in a Deputy Leader.
Please vote for him."

Penny Kemp

Penny has been National Chair of the Green Party and is currently the national speaker on the environment and rural affairs.

More endorsements here.

Derek's election address here.

Derek's vision for the Green Party here.

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