19 Oct 2010

Agroecology/Colombia/Cuba event in Brighton

Sussex Colombia Solidarity presents


Well Being and Human Rights

in Cuba and Colombia

Friday 22 October 2010

6:30 - 9 pm

1-6 Park Crescent Terrace, Brighton


· Dr Glory Saavedra – Tutor and research supervisor in Rural Development and Diversity (Mexico/Colombia/UK). Human rights campaigner. One of the original founders of Stanmer Park Organic farm.

· Dr Fernando Funes-Monzote – Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, son of Fernando Funes Sr. whose organic association won the Right Livelihood Award (1999)

· Jota Ramos – Afrocolombian Hip Hop musician from the Cane Sugar Cauca region of Southern Colombia. Jota’s life is under threat as he has been charged with “subversion”. He and his people are resisting eviction and loss of livelihoods by major sugar cane companies.

· Sussex Colombia Solidarity and Whitehawk Community Farm – what you can do!

Please note correction to Colombia Solidarity web address on poster

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