19 Oct 2010

No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics event 20th October

Wednesday 20 October - 6.30pm
The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics
Derek Wall

‘The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics measures the rising tide of eco-activism and awareness and explains why it heralds a new political era worldwide.'

Climate chaos and pollution, deforestation and consumerism: the crisis facing human civilization is clear enough. But the response of politicians to it has been cowardly and inadequate, while environmental activists have tended to favour single-issue campaigns rather than electoral politics.
The author will be giving a talk on his new book followed by a signing.

Derek Wall is a former Principal Speaker of the British Green Party and was a founder of the Ecosocialist International and Green Left. He is the author of numerous books, including Getting There: Steps Towards a Green Society, 1990; Green History: A Reader in Environmental Literature, Philosophy, and Politics, 1994; and Babylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements, 2005.

Venue: Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QE

This event is free, but please phone
020 7637 1848 or email to reserve. events@bookmarks.uk.com

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