9 Oct 2010


13 October 2010
Event Location: Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place, Cardiff (opposite Student Union Building)

Contact Name: Adam Johannes, Cardiff Campaign against Climate Change - 07940108146

Contact Email: CardiffCCC@hotmail.co.uk

Event Description: PROMINENT CAMPESINO ACTIVIST SPEAKING IN CARDIFF Hugo Blanco is a lifelong activist over five decades in the struggle for social justice and indigenous peoples rights in Peru. A grassroots organiser, environmentalist and former MP in the Peruvian Parliament, Hugo has faced jail, death threats and periods of exile for his activism. A contemporary of Che Guevara. He led the Quechua peasant uprising in the 1960s, land occupations and movements for agrarian reform and is currently leader of the Campesino Federation of Peru. He is the author of Land or Death: The Peasant Struggle in Peru, written while he was in prison. He will be speaking on the role of indigenous peoples in the fight against climate chaos and the wider movements for social and ecological justice in Latin America

Admission Details: Admission Free. All Welcome

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