25 Oct 2010

Security of tenure for tenants in the private rented sector campaign

Kevin Allen successfully proposed a motion at the recent Green Party conference which aimed 'to reverse the previous Tory Governments introduction of insecure tenancies in the private sector (Assured Shortholds), which do not provide security or stability for tenants and discourage them from seeking to enforce their legal rights.'

Condem policies are going to make life very difficult for tenants so please sign the petition to support secure tenancies.

We the undersigned request that the UK Government introduces legislation to make all new tenancies in the private rented sector Assured Tenancies (as introduced in their current form in the 1988 Housing Act) instead of Assured Shorthold Tenancies which do not provide security and stability for tenants. Assured shorthold tenancies discourage tenants from seeking to enforce their legal rights as landlords have an automatic right to possession by giving 2 months notice (after the initial 6 months of the tenancy).

We request that legislation is introduced so that all new tenancies are automatically 1988 Housing Act Assured Tenancies.

Sign here

Of course the Condem attacks on council house tenants security and their cuts in housing benefits are also big threats, in Britain some will have seven houses and millions will have no home, that's what you get for voting Lib Dem!

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