9 Oct 2010

Hugo Blanco in Bristol

Hugo Blanco, lifelong activist in the struggle for social justice and campesino rights in Peru, will be speaking soon in Bristol as part of his UK solidarity tour.
Hugo Blanco will be speaking in Bristol at a meeting specially organised as part of his UK tour. Hugo is a lifelong activist, environmentalist and revolutionary. He led the Quechua peasant uprising in the 1960s and is currently leader of the Campesino Federation of Peru. He is the author of Land or Death: The Peasant Struggle in Peru, written while he was in prison. Meeting details are as follows:

Latin America and the Ecosocialist Alternative
Tuesday, October 12th
Hamilton House,
80 Stokes Croft,
(Opposite junction with Jamaica Street)

Entry is free although donations would be appreciated. The meeting is jointly organised by Socialist Resistance, Green Left, Bristol Green Party and the Centre for the Study of Colonial and Postcolonial Societies.

Please circulate details as widely as possible.

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