2 Oct 2010

Sid Rawle to be played by Brian Blessed, I wish

Just had this comment, worth sharing

Sad news this. I met Sid when I was a teenager in the 70s and a member of the fledgling Ecology Party, by which time he was already a veteran of the counter-culture. I saw him a number of times afterwards at various green gatherings and Stonehenge festivals. Sid was a significant proponent of much of what we now take for granted, possessed a magnetic personality, was a good orator and an all-round major player. It is perhaps the sign of the times that Sid's demise has made so little stir. Hopefully the passing of time will pave the way for a suitable re-evaluation of the man and his contribution to alternative living. Yes he was a contoversial type and could be a pain in the backside at times, but there's a book/film to be written about the man (I'd get Brian Blessed to play him) and a place for him at top table on the Alternative Mount Olympus.



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