15 May 2011

Breaking news Bright Green Scotland Editor arrested

Gary Dunion reports:

Alasdair Thompson, of this parish, has been arrested by Lothian & Borders Police for displaying an anti-cuts banner during a peaceful Uncut occupation of a BHS store in Edinburgh’s Rose Street.
Ali was the only demonstrator arrested. Police confirmed to Uncut activists that even before the action had begun, they had been ordered to make an arrest to “set an example”. A woman was physically restrained, but not arrested, for photographing the police.
Edinburgh Uncut were staging an instore comedy gig in protest at the activities of BHS’s owner, Philip Green’s tax-dodging empire Arcadia.
Green has registered Arcadia under the legal ownership of his wife, Tina who as a Monaco resident pays no UK income tax. Through this scam, the Greens were able in 2005 to pocket the biggest paycheck in British history, £1.2 billion, without paying a penny in tax. This one payout cost UK public services around £285 million.

1 comment:

Keith M Ross said...

Should point out that the penultimate sentence refers to Mr & Mrs Green. But think what the Green Party could have done with £1.2 billion!

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