My meeting with Rene Ramirez

Very impressed with Rene Ramirez, Minister of Planning and Development for Ecuador, spooky talking to an economics minister who speaks Ostrom, indigienity, Marx, very serious guy, real sign of an alternative to capitalist productivist economics winning battle in Ecuador....absolutely the real deal!

We have to fight and win the battle here and everywhere against the work, consume, throwaway extractivist economy.

Too much green is pale green!

Too much socialism is just capitalism!

Too much politics is trivia!

We have a sucidal economic and social system, very encouraging to meet some one else with an idea of an alternative.

Do go and listen to Rene Ramirez, speaking on wednesday, 6.30pm LSE!

We have got to fight and win on this, nothing else matters when you think about it.


andre_do_a said…
Do you know if LSE is going to share his interview on streaming?

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