Green Party rises dramatically in poll

OK one poll doesn't make a summer but encouraging to see Green Party up.

Caroline Lucas is having a very positive impact.

The Green Party needs to consolidate and good to see improvement in things like the website and resources for local parties.

Conservative 33
Labour 41
Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) 11
Scottish/Welsh Nationalist 5
Green Party 5
UK Independence Party 2
British National Party 1
Other 1

Full details here

hat tip to Peter Cranie


Stephen Wood said…
It's definitely encouraging, but as you said, it's just a single poll right now. I'd be heartened if that continued for a couple of months. The worry of course, is that the 6% definites and 5% maybes are dotted around every constituency, making it harder for us to make any headway.

On the resources front, I quite agree - in fact, I suggested this week a rather thrifty way we could build up capacity amongst local parties...

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