5 May 2011

First results show Lib Dems smashed

Suggestion from BBC Scotland that Lib Dems are on 3% and 4% in constituency and regional vote in Scotland.

In Liverpool Paul Cain who had 53% of vote concedes defeat.

The Conservatives are wrecking Britain and enhancing Thatcher's revolution and the Libs put them in power

My prediction is that Charles Kennedy will join Labour within days and Clegg will face a leadership challenge.

Even if the initial polls are wrong, fifth in Scotland and in single figures ain't good.

Sure Lib Dems will be less damaged in Southern England but they are dead party its 1945 again.

Ironic that the wonderful Eric Lubbock revieved the Liberals by winning the Orpington by-election....its going to be a while before a new Eric comes along and rescues them from Nation Government followed by wipeout.

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