11 May 2011

Logging companies assault Amazon, indigenous resist!

Peru: ORKIWAN Alleges That Logging Companies Want To Enter Indian Territory With Lies

Translated from Spanish, Original Below

The Organization Kichwaruna Wangurina of the High Napo - ORKIWAN, regional basis of ORPIO and AIDESEP, which brings together more than 30 communities of the Upper Napo, reported that the logging company Forestal Amazonas is touring the Upper Napo communities with the intention of surprising the Apus and Amazonian communities to show that false permits from indigenous organization have been awarded to operate in public areas.

Enrique Coquinche Coquinche, president of the Indian federation, explained that representatives of this company came to the village of Estiron and introduced to Apu a false authorization to operate in the area, even going so far as to take it to Iquitos to sign a deal in favor of the timber.

The indigenous leader reported this fact to the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and also to the regional government of Iquitos and stressed that the decision taken at meeting by Napo communities is not to sell wood to extractive industries because they tend to not be reforested after logging.


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