My result in Winkfield and Cranbourne ward

Winkfield & Cranbourne results Election Candidate Party Votes %
Mary Ballin Conservative Party Candidate 1308 39% Elected
Alan Kendall Conservative Party Candidate 1250 37% Elected
Derek Wall Green Party 269 8% Not elected
Carol Ann Draper The Labour Party Candidate 255 8% Not elected
Anthony House The Labour Party Candidate 252 8% Not elected

So pleasing to beat Labour and the Lib Dems (cos they didn't even stand) and to be the opposition in Winkfield and Cranbourne ward of Bracknell Forest Council with a respectable 8% of the vote.

And I am now a parish councillor in Winkfield!


Anonymous said…
Well done and pleasing as you say to beat Labour and the invisible ones. All the best from Sheffield where I/we are still excited/pleased that Jillian was re-elected.Green vote up all over aswell.
Cheers! Rachel/Peter in Sheffield

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