15 May 2011



Following a number of meetings of the local community at the camp it has
been decided to continue the occupation of the site, at least until it
becomes clear what the situation is regarding the owner's (East Sussex
County Council) plans for the site. All the indications are that they
wish to demolish the existing school buildings and sell the beautiful
grounds to developers to be concreted over. This is far from popular
with local residents and a local group call STAND (St Anne's Diggers)
has been formed to protect the space and use it as a community garden.

People are strongly encouraged to come down, get involved and perhaps
stay for a while in order to defend the site and help this new community
space flourish. Do get in touch if you can help in any way. E-mail
southcoastcamp@riseup.net or call the site phone 07743 218521.

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