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Does Dean of St Paul's resignation statement show church cares more about profit than prophets?

Original to be found here.

"The past fortnight has been a testing time for the Chapter and for me personally. It has become increasingly clear to me that, as criticism of the cathedral has mounted in the press, media and in public opinion, my position as Dean of St Paul’s was becoming untenable. In order to give the opportunity for a fresh approach to the complex and vital questions facing St Paul’s, I have thought it best to stand down as dean, to allow new leadership to be exercised. I do this with great sadness, but I now believe that I am no longer the right person to lead the Chapter of this great cathedral."This has not been an easy decision for me to make, at this stage in my ministry, as I have very much enjoyed being at St Paul’s as dean. I am immensely grateful to the current members of the Chapter, both ordained and lay, as well as previous colleagues, for their help, support and encouragement, but above all, their friendship."I would also wish to place on rec…

Occupy 'shows that it is still possible to save our species from extinction.'

Hugo Blanco is the historic leader of the Peruvian indigenous.

He led a successful peasant revolution for land rights in 1961 when peasants were being killed by land owners.

Praised by Che,  Hugo then a leader of the Fourth International, was captured and placed on death row and only lived due to an international campaign of solidarity launched by figures like Sartre.

Now in the his late 70s he publishes 'Lucha Indigena', 'Indigenous Struggle' and is the foremost ecosocialist revolutionary on our planet.

The uprising in Peru of the Awajan and Wampis and other Amazon people, of the Aymara and Quechua have shown that indigenous and workers can organise to challenge the destruction of the Earth and to build a democratic alternative to capitalism.

Hugo Blanco argues that the revolution must be global and that the occupy movement shows that people in the North are joining the revolt against the 1% and for a democratic, ecological society for the 99%.

This is a rough translation o…

Hugo Blanco 'Se extiende la rebelión mundial contra el neoliberalismo''

Se extiende la rebelión mundial contra el neoliberalismo Hugo Blanco La inició Mohamed Bouazizi, el vendedor ambulante de Túnez, quien se volcó encima un líquido inflamable y se prendió fuego, como protesta porque la policía le quitó su mercancía. Las llamas de ese fuego están incendiando el mundo capitalista. Primero provocaron la insurrección del pueblo tunecino que derribó al gobierno. Se contagió Egipto dondetambién bajaron al gobierno, luego el movimiento se extendió a otros países árabes donde todavía se combate. La OTAN interviene en Libia para tener bajo su control al gobierno entrante, pretende hacerlo también en Siria. La rebelión saltó a la Puerta del Sol en Madrid con el nombre de 15M (se inició el 15 de mayo), se extendió a muchas ciudades, pasó a la sufrida Grecia y a otros países europeos y hace poco a Nueva York, donde se denominó Ocupa Wall Street, símbolo mundial de las finanzas, de donde se desparramó por otras ciudades de Estados Unidos. Un salto adelante se dio con la …

£178,000 salary is shameful as cuts bite deep

Excellent stuff from Don Grimes, incidentally it disgusts me how much University Vice-chancellor's get paid as well, all about inequality, all about 1%, so proud that the Green Party is making noise about this.
Sir The announcement that B&NES Council is to retain the post of Chief Executive (2010-2011 salary £178,000 per year plus pension benefits) and also pay a 'head-hunting' fee of £50,000 of council taxpayers' money in this time of high-level unemployment reflects very poorly on the councillors who voted for this – the majority of them. When so many people are to be laid off and low-paid workers are having difficulty making ends meet, this appointment is a missed opportunity for councillors to address the gulf between rich and poor in their own workforce by not paying the boss more than ten times the lowest paid worker in salary and benefits. Lesley Seary, the incoming chief executive of Islington Borough Council in London has not only accepted this 10:1 ratio but …

Caroline Lucas 'Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Lol it is the same Green Party, nice article from the FT though. Caroline is very sensible on confidence and supply, coalition is not always the way to power!
The banner in Caroline Lucas’s office is uncompromising: “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” It seems an odd epithet for this neat, well-spoken 50-year-old in a sensible grey outfit. But Ms Lucas, the first Green MP in the House of Commons, is not afraid to antagonise ministers as she holds the coalition to account over its environmental promises. This is a tough ambition for a single MP in a parliament of 650. Yet Ms Lucas has proved herself an adept operator in the Commons, asking sharp questions in committee and chamber. Even the Conservative-leaning Spectator magazine placed her as “Newcomer of the Year” in its annual awards for MPs last year. This is not the same Green party of 20 years ago which denounced economic growth, suffered internal feuding and at one point used David Icke as a spokesman. Under Ms Lucas’s leadershi…

Outrageous, unfair and morally reprehensible" fumes Penny Kemp of The Green Party.

Outrageous, unfair and morally reprehensible" fumes Penny Kemp of The Green Party. More than £1.3 billion has been taken away from council's annual spending on help for the over 65's, pensions are losing value,  nurseries are closing and millions are living in fuel poverty and we see a  49% pay rise for Britain's top bosses: THEIR average salary hits £2.7m while the UK's average salary crawls in at £24,000. A tiny minority continue to be rewarded for failure. Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking in Australia, said the report was "concerning". It is more than concerning Mr Cameron, it is wrong and makes a nonsense of any further cuts. It is examples of corporate greed such as this that prompted Jenny Jones, Green Party mayoral candidate to campaign to turn London into the ‘Fair Pay City' As Jenny herself states; "During Boris Johnson's Mayorship the number of people within the GLA group earning more than 10 times the Living Wage has risen by 56…

David Cameron to St Pauls Occupy 'Go home, you are an embarrassment.'

"I'm very concerned about the continuation of this protest meaning that St Paul's is not open to the public," Cameron told reporters in Perth on the sidelines of a Commonwealth leaders' summit. "It's a key national site, it's a key tourist site. It's very important in the whole history, psyche of our country... I think the pressure is on to try and deal with this and deal with this rapidly."
In fact the occupy camp is not blocking St Pauls but Cameron is embarrassed by his rule and that of Conservative and Lib Dem MPs support for the 1% at the expense of the 99%.
Cameron objects because he finds occupy an embarrassment to him, his government, to Nick Clegg and the Corporation of London.
'You areembarrassingmebecausewhile the chief of Tesco is paid £12,000,000 old peoples homes are being closed down.'
'You are embarrassing me because…

Rev Fraser Dyer 'Why I am resigning from St Pauls'

You say 'cut back', we say 'liberation theology'

Dear Bishop Michael,  I appreciate what a difficult couple of weeks the Dean and Chapter have had following the occupation of the cathedral precinct by protestors campaigning against corporate greed. You have been much in my thoughts and prayers as you have navigated the complex issues with which you have been presented, and the negative press which arose from the decision to close the cathedral. I am delighted that a way was found to reopen the building today which satisfied the cathedral's duty of care towards its worshippers and visitors, and have been impressed by the degree of cooperation that Occupy London offered to enable this to happen.  It has therefore been disappointing to learn of today's announcement that St Paul's will instigate legal proceedings seeking the removal of the protestors. It is particularly poignant that this announcement comes on the day that IDS report an increase in top director…