29 Oct 2008

An alternative to economic and environmental catastrophe

• Introduce a permanent global ban on short-selling of stock and shares
• Ban on trade in derivatives
• Ban all speculation on staple food commodities
• Cancel the debt of all developing countries – debt is mounting as the crisis causes the value of Southern currencies to fall
• Phase out the World Bank, IMF, and WTO
• Phase out the US dollar as the international reserve currency
• Establish a people’s inquiry into the mechanisms necessary for a just international monetary system
• Ensure aid transfers do not fall as a result of the crisis
• Abolish tied aid
• Abolish neoliberal aid conditionalities
• Phase out the paradigm of export-led development, and refocus sustainable development on production for the local and regional market
• Introduce incentives for products produced for sale closest to the local market
• Cancel all negotiations for bilateral free trade and economic partnership agreements
• Promote regional economic co-operation arrangements, such as UNASUR, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), the Trade Treaty of the Peoples and others, that encourage genuine development and an end to poverty

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