23 Oct 2008

Revolt in Eire!

thanks to Joseph for this...beware of coalition governments unless you have a strong hand..otherwise one becomes a dirty green mud card for another party...power is about change not simply position. These things are tough however very great care must be taken. I am critical of those who say that the Greens here could fit into a 'national government' 'to deal with crisis'....beware, beware, beware, the danger is more roads and fewer social services...any way on to the analysis of the Irish situation.


Near revolutionary scenes on the streets of Dublin yesterday. Although the government backed down and agreed to give free medical care to most over 70s, the pensioner movement is now galvanised, as are the students and teachers. The Green Party supported the amended budget proposal. However, Green Party councillors are expressing grave concerns about the plans for schools and education. The years of the Celtic Tiger are over and the Fianna Fail government are now trying to rein back expenditure big time.

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