16 Oct 2008

Colin on the crisis: 'What economic boom?'

What I could do with is Mumia Abu-Jamal, my mate Fidel and Colin all in the same TV studio to do a panel on 'Where next for the world economic crisis'.

Alas I suspect this is going to be difficult to arrange...any way had this from Colin, always good to have a new voice in the debate:

Or shit I missed the 'economic-boom ship' as a disabled person... Where have I been the last 16 years?

I hope this is helpful for you all:-


Did you watch Panorama tonight?


This is difficult times for all the disabled community and 'Our' DPO's/ULO's, then the Government smack us in the face with these 'welfare-reforms'; and yes they have closed all the CAB's too?

As Monty Python said in the 'Life Of Brian', that 'Life is a bag of shit', so we all can always 'look on the bright side of life'... or yes, there has been 16 years of 'economic boom', this any of you notice this as a disabled person? Did any of you benefit from it?

I know I didn't... I didn't even notice it!!!... This 'economic boom' did nothing to 'include' me, did it you?

What 'economic-upturn' in the economy'? Where, When?

Have I been on a different planet the last 16 years??? I must have!!!

Now they are saying an 'economic-down-turn'!!! How can you have an 'economic down-turn', when you have never had any benefits out of this 'economic-upturn' (The Boom!!!)

The poor disabled community has not had any financial inclusion/benefits in the last 16 years have we?? I no I haven't!!! Have you felt finanicial included and benefited from this 'boom'???

Colin Revell

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