30 Oct 2008

Please support EDM to stop Gary McKinnon's extradition

See below an email from Gary's mum asking people to contact there MP's about informing and asking for your own MP's support of Early Day motion (EDM)that was today set to be put down in Parliament by shadow justice minister David Burrowes MP.

(thanks to Colin Revell for this)


Janis here, Gary's mum.

I'm writing to ask you to please, please do everything you can to urge your MP to sign the (EDM)
Early Day Motion that has been tabled by my son Gary McKinnon's MP David Burrowes, re-the proposed extradition of my son Gary to the United States.

If all MP's could please sign this EDM as soon as possible and to everyone else, please, please urge your MP to sign this Early Day Motion for Gary and we can hopefully get the current one sided extradition treaty back into the House of Commons for Debate and amendment to ensure that U.K citizens will not be extradited to the United States until assurances have been given that Gary and others like him will be allowed to serve their sentence in the U.K if convicted in the U.S.

My son Gary has Aspergers Syndrome. He is a kind and gentle person who admitted to infiltrating computers six and a half years ago while searching for evidence of UFO's and Free energy Technology.

Gary also left cheeky notes on the American government computers telling them that their security was awful. Gary also left messages in the form of a Cyber Peace Protest.

At that time Gary believed in the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job and he left a message saying that he believed "it was no accident that there was a stand down after 9/11".

There is no doubt that Gary was a fool for trespassing in military computers and for leaving cheeky notes but Gary is naive and immature for his age and was going through deep depression at the time. Gary was simply looking for answers.

People with Aspergers Syndrome have obsessions and Gary's obsession was with computers and he has learned a bitter lesson.
Our family have had a six and a half year sentence of fear at the prospect of our gentle son ending up in a high security prison in the U.S where stun guns are used and the safety of inmates is often compromised by the behaviour of some extremely violent inmates.

Please ask your MP to sign this EDM, as this extradition treaty is unfair in that it is totally one sided.
America can request the extradition of any U.K citizen on the strength of an allegation alone which is presented as fact; whereas if the U.K wish to extradite an American citizen we must present actual evidence.
U.K citizens should be given equal rights and our own government should be fighting on behalf of U.K citizens to ensure that we have equal rights.

We are currently the only country in the world that will extradite its own citizens to America without evidence having to be provided.

Please help us to save Gary and others like him, by having this one sided extradition treaty debated and amended by ensuring that your MP is fully aware of all the facts and will sign the Early Day Motion in order that U.K citizens are given the same consideration as Americans, Israelis and others across the world.

We were told by our government several years ago that "Forum" was to be introduced as an amendment to the Police and Justice bill and this would have a positive bearing on the extradition treaty with America, as account would be taken of where the crime took place either in whole or in part and this could prevent many unnecessary extraditions to the U.S.A and more U.K citizens could be tried here in their own country.

We are extremely concerned about the welfare of our son Gary and all help will be very greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks & Very Best Wishes

Janis (Gary's Mum)

Thanks for your continued support.


Colin Revell, NeuroDiversity and Autism Action Group (NAAG)

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Anonymous said...

The EDM for Gary McKinnon is numbered 2388
the link is below cut and paste if it does not appear as a link


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