4 Oct 2008

DAN still kickin' arse

Had this from Colin Revell...thanks amigo

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DAN CALLS TIME ON CHARITIES:- (This was a old protest DAN did a few years ago)
More stuff on DAN:-

**** There are many ULO's/DPO's and Trade Unions in this Country like to promote DAN, this is the same for some charities, public bodies and Government departments too, who say that they have 'consulted'with DAN, but they seem to forget that 'promoting DAN and actually 'consultation' are too totally different things.... They are an 'ocean-apart'.... In my experiences of being involved in DAN now since 1995, I have seen loads of 'token' gestures by all the above mentioned to actually inclusion of the 'real' Disabled Peoples 'voices'... There is a lot of pretence and some of these people within the above mentioned would make great 'window dressors' at Harrods.

DAN is fed-up of all this 'spin' and will continue to fight for basic human right and civil liberities within DAN's FreeOurPeople campaign.... DAN, rightly, are very causious who they choose and say are ''Our' allies. DPO's/ULO's and others need to understand what it means to become an ally of the 'grassroots' Disabled Peoples' Direct Action Network (DAN).

As I said above there is a difference between 'promoting' and 'consultation' with DAN.

There are too many Charities and ULO's who out-there you are still falsely claming to respresent 'grassroots' Disabled People's 'voices'. DAN knows who you are... 'We' have you under DAN surveillance... You are still on the DAN radar, so watch out DAN is about!!!

DAN is 'not-dead', as some people are made to believe, with given-out the false propaganda.... DAN is 'Alive-and-Kicking'... So watch this space... If you and/your DPO's/ULO's and 'real-allies' want to join a network of other Disabled People to 'FreeOurPeople' then you'll be more than welcome.

'Nothing About Us, Without Us'.

Colin Revell


Anonymous said...

Many organisations for disabled people highlight 'hate crimes' against disabled people, yet I believe that there is a broad spectrum of neglect, and abuse and that many government acts could be described as 'hate crime'.

Also, much of the DWP's advertising output is geared more to gaining legitimacy for further oppression of disabled people via legislation such as the Welfare Reform Green Paper.

Anecdotal evidence suggests to me that many calls reporting suspected benefit fraud are actually incidents of hate crime. Meanwhile the DWP's 'targeting of benefit fraud' media campaigns ignore the numbers of legitimate disabled benefit claimants who are kept hanging on Jobcentre Plus callcentre lines that are under-staffed. Such under-staffing that leads many to destitution should be recorded as 'hate crime'.

On my recent teach-the-teacher course, we were told that only 5% of adult LB Hammersmith & Fulham Adult Education Service report having a disability. As that 'service' does not offer specialist dyslexia help even, maybe some people who know that they have a disability feel "what's the point" where it comes to reporting their disability status as 'yes' and disclosing their access requirements.

Yet in a class of adult learners with mental health problems, the mass response to the Equal Opportunities monitoring form was, "What's a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995?" I believe many mental health difficulties are experienced as a result of people not having their/our disabilities accommodated or even recognised.

Learning difficulties are forms of disability, and many people I have met with criminal records have criminal records. In my view, statutory under-povision is a crime that conspired to get them off 'the straight and narrow' -- or maybe 'the straight and narrow' is not broad enough to tolerate great diversity?

Tory politicians who vie with Labour about how mean they can be to benefit claimants say that the government wastes money on advertising. I doubt Labour has spent anything substantial on promoting real understanding of disability.

I am glad that DAN is "still kickin' arse." It's type of campaigning differs from my own more literary kind, but helped draw my attention to the urgency of getting responses to the Welfare Reform Green Paper by October 22nd at 4pm deadline.

There is a new External Communications Officer at the Green Party. I am more confident that the eventual Green Party activists' written response to what amounts to a policy of state-sponsored human trafficking will help the public become more aware of what the Green Party stands for.

Thanks, DAN, for kicking the arse of this disabled activist to do something. "Each mind has its own method."

Alan Wheatley
Disability Spokesperson for London Green Party

Anonymous said...


Learning difficulties are forms of disability, and many people I have met with criminal records have criminal records.

Learning difficulties are forms of disability, and many people I have met with criminal records have learning difficulties that have led them to enter adulthood in illiteracy.

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