25 Oct 2008

Workers' Climate Action

Dear all -

This is a call-out as a member of Workers' Climate Action, a trades unions centred campaign group for a worker-lead just transtition to a low carbon economy, and of the Cambridge Climate Network. There is to be a conference on Climate Change at Cambridge University on January 31st and February first, with panel discussions on various issues as well as workshops by different groups to introduce other green activisits to their campaigns and modus operandi. Workers' Climate Action are providing a speaker and running a workshop, and we'd like to know if there are any other trade union activists who would be willing to speak in order to push forward class and trade union consciousness based agendas, and to raise the profile of the trade union movement in ecological circles.

If you or a member of your union would like to be present, contact me on j.k.savage@cantab.net , and we will discuss things further.

On an unrelated note, I am a GMB member based in Cambridge finding it hard to get in touch with my union branch; is there anyone else on the list either in the same union or in the same area who can provide me with a contact, or who would like to meet up to discuss regional organising?

Sorry if this message is out of place; I haven't had internet access in some time and so haven't been able to follow much of the communication on the list.



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