20 Oct 2008

Green government to end free medical care


The Fianna Fail/Green/Progressive Democrat government is proposing the removal of free medical care for those over 70. This has led to national uproar and a series of protest marches. One Green TD (MP) has now broken ranks and said that he will not support the government.


thanks to Joseph, shocking news...shocking because the Irish Green Party were once radical...no longer in my opinion...we need to watch sliding in the same direction here in the Green Party of England and Wales.

In government but out of power, no thanks!

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Anonymous said...

shocking, how could any Green Party support a government which subscribes to unecological and unsustainable policies putting the greed of the rich before the needy and the environment. I once held the nieve belief that the Greens in Ireland were working to change the direction of the national government rather then just supporting them blindly! Just another case of a Green Party selling out its principles for a small taste of power (Germany, Czechs etc). Many travellers on the left joined the Greens in hope of a real leftist and ecological alternative but sadly we've been left to think again about renewing membership.

Disgruntled Green Party member in Norwich.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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