10 Dec 2010

El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido

There is a global uprising.

Join us!

Here in Britain the 'project' is to roll back all the gains of earlier popular movements, wrecking the welfare state, NHS, free education.

Glad to see people resisting.

The deficit was created by a crash caused by a banking system which is broken.

But hey making sure that we feed the bond traders is more important than feeding minds.

Drastically reducing working class access to higher education is aimed to make people less able to answer back.

We need to defend wikileaks, build protests and grow economic alternatives based on social equality, ecological sustainability and democracy.

The Liberal Democrats are working hard to support the most right wing government in decades, great to see them sliding in the opinion polls, they are the weak link in the chain and look likely to be broken.

The next revolt will be over rail fares, sharply up, once again so there is nice sweet fodder for the bond traders and the bankers can rest secure in the knowledge our money will be used to bail them out.

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