8 Dec 2010

Jagdeesh Singh This is the USA's war on truth!'

Jagdeesh Singh is a good friend and one of the local East Berkshire radical ecologists, great to see his statement below.

Wikileaks has been a champion of global truth. It has exposed the putrefying and blood drenched lies and secrets of the world's governments, not least the USA - the evil empire.

Wikileaks has been the weapon of mass destruction of the lies upon which these global governments have continued to collude and conspire to control and dominate all things. To assinate, to murder, to ethnically cleanse, to destroy forests and wildlife, to displace people from the Chago Islands, to invade, to torture, to conceal.

Wikileaks has more damage and agony to the USA and its cosy clubs of colluding governments, than any 'terrorist' bomb or even 9-11. The USA now wants to capture, shut down and erase Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks and its entire operation.

This is in perfect keeping with the totalitarian mind-set of the 'democratic' USA. Nice and democratic on the outside, but scheming, bitter and vengeful on the inside. Julian Assange has struck the USA network of secrecy and lies, more fiercely than any army, 'terrorist' or 9-11.

The racist, genocidal, war-mongering, invasive, world dominating USA wishes to now destroy Julian Assange - his reputation, his creation, his entirety.

This is the USA's war on truth!

The USA should not be allowed to run riot with its domination and lies across the globe. We should join this warrior of truth - Jualian Assange, defend the exposures, the truth and the right to free speech.

Lets work together, in various ways, to dismantle this evil empire that stalks the globe, imposing its presence, its capitalism, its profit-making exploitation, its bland non-culture, on the world's planet, people and animals.

Rise against the USA! Begin by boycotting alls things which emanate from the USA - Coca Cola, ESSO, American clothing, images, designer clothing, McDonalds.

"My mission on this earth is to uphold the saints and their righteous way. To establish their way and presence. To fight the tyrants, destroy them and their tyranny. To establish a just society and governance defined by saintly living. For this purpose I have taken birth and for this purpose I shall strive."
GURU GOBIND SINGH, 10th Guru (1666-1708) :
History's most radical and challenging figure to governments, empires, religions and established institutions

Jagdeesh Singh

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