3 Dec 2010

Double blow for 'pathetic' Lib Dems

1) Danny Alexander MP was humilated on Question Time above by panelists and students. If you are a student who voted Lib Dem because you thought they were going to scrap fees, or a Green voter who voted tactically to get proportional representation or opposition to nuclear power, load up the youtube and enjoy!

2) Tomorrow's Lib Dem London conference has been cancelled because of fear of protest. Well done to all the students who have put fear into Lib Dems, they can't even meet because they know thousands of very angry school kids will be on their case.

Vince Cable has confirmed he will vote for tuition fee increases on 9th December.

The Lib Dems have given us the most right wing government ever, making Thatcher and Blair look almost left.

So lets keep letting them know what we think!


Brian S said...

Hi Derek

This may be of interest



Anonymous said...

Preventing London Lib Dem members from speaking against coalition plans at the last conference before the vote? What a cunning plan!

Derek Wall said...

Yes, not convinced there is much democracy in Lib Dems, so protest needed and it does seem to have an effect.

Are you Vince Cable, anon?

Anonymous said...

No I'm not Vince, someone trying to make her MPs honour their pledge. I (and lots of other LDs)can't do that if people stop a democratic political party meeting.
I can’t see that what is on offer is a million miles away from what the NUS claim they want; nevertheless English Lib Dem MPs must honour their pledge.

If the EDL disrupted a GP meeting would you be so sanguine?

Derek Wall said...

If the Green Party here went into to coalition I would protest and indeed I would love to see protest at Irish Green Party meeting they are just as bad or even worse than you Lib Dems.

Stuart Jeffery said...

@Anon School kids are not the EDL and it is insulting to young people to compare them. LDs have cancelled the conference for no real reason. If you wanted to send a message to your MPs then you should hold the conference and let the young people demonstrate outside.

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