9 Dec 2010

Peasant murdered by police in Peru in mining protest

This is a report from Hugo Blanco
Police repression leaves one comunero killed and eight injured in Huambo

7 December 2010 – One person was killed and eight were injured after police repression against the comuneros of Recuay who were demonstrating against the concession of a mining project to the firm Minera Centauro S.A.C.
The victim was identified as Muñante Willy Cadillo Vergara, 33, who died in the Hospital of Huaraz, where he had been taken after receiving a gunshot wound.
The Comuneros of Huambo had called on a 24-hour preventive strike in rejection of the imposition of the Conito mining project in their town.
Peasants from Catac, San Miguel and Virgen del Rosario blocked the road at kilometre 167 to protest against the concession granted without prior consultation of more than 800 hectares (1976.843 acres) of land.
The rejection of the project is motivated by fear of pollution of the lagoon Conococha, one of the main sources of water for the activities of the area – agriculture and cattle raising, among others.
The comuneros blame the Regional Directorate for Energy and Mines for the current situation. It authorizied the functioning of the Centauro mine without them having given consent to the concession of their lands.

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Unknown said...

This sounds similar to a mining community in Ghana- well mining company Newmont, American owned, taking over acres of land. Pollution is just one aspect. Corruption persists. Love to Peru.

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