27 Dec 2010

'Torturing yourself with the idea of global warming'

This is from a great green blog at the US site Daily Kos Cassiodorus tells it like it is. Although while its easy to be politically pessimistic in the USA, in places like Peru indigenous people are putting up a tremendous fight and even winning (this is worrying the US poltical establishment).

Any how enough of me and on to Cassiodorus

On balance, the Republican deniers have a better way. You might as well be a denier, disbelieving in global warming until the famine, the drought, or other weather phenomenon finally wipes you out. If you're not really going to do anything proactive, you might as well believe in fairies and unicorns, or the second coming of "Jeeeezus" or whatever. The fact that you have sacrificed your children to this reality is nothing, because they're going up in the Rapture too.

Torturing yourself with the idea of global warming, while limiting your purview to ineffective measures, is the surest route to unhappiness. I honestly don't see how the environmentalists who commonly post here at DKos do it. Carbon taxes will be unpopular, because "realism" in this era demands that only the poor and so-called "middle classes" be taxed. Cap-and-trade is a scam, as I've pointed out in at least a couple of diaries -- and then there's the piece in Harper's of last February. In the end, nobody is going to want to embrace this path -- it will be twisted around by DC insiders until it becomes a plan for saving neoliberal elites while tossing the world overboard. Your children will not forgive you for adopting this path.


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