4 Dec 2010

Polly Toynbee is dragged away by cops on 'tea party' tax protest

Now they have down graded Rory Carroll and let the much better John Vidal do more of the Latin American reporting I am going into be nice to the Guardian over drive. So very nice to see Guardian commentator Polly Toynbee, who is not always a friend of the left, taking direct action against the cuts.

Reports are coming in that she has been dragged away by the police after taking direct action against for tax avoidance.

ConservativeHome are urging people to caption her photo, my caption would be 'Up yours Phillip Green, you greedy tax avoider' no doubt the Tories will be cheering on the cops and urging the corporations to pay less tax.

In Britain we have a tea party movement of the left, taxes are being raised for individuals, for example, with VAT going up to 20% and cut for corporations, corporation tax is coming down.

Its a world wide trend, with services cut and individuals taxed more, as firms pay less. But if you really jam up the works they have to take notice.

It can be resisted and if Polly is doing her bit, good for her.

Surprisingly good report here of the protests from the Daily Mail! including a photo of the ever excellent Oxford Green Party activist Adam Ramsay.

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