7 Dec 2010

Julian Assange arrested for failing to use condom, Pope on remand for incitement of a million more cases.

It is quite possible that Julian Assange has committed rape and should be tried for this.

The coincidence of authorities wanting to quite literally murder him for revealing that the US wrecked the climate talks at Copenhagen (with that nice Mr Miliband helping them) or that the US spies on top members of the UN, etc, etc is may be a little worrying.

But if reports are true that Julian Assange is to be charged with not using a condom ..the situation is absurd.

We have of course a slavishly pro-US government, who make poodles look like bulldogs, so no surprise they have refused bail and imprison Julian Assange.

I am guessing that they didn't capture the Pope on charges of inciting millions of us not to use condoms.

The world really is in a mess, governments are increasingly acting like self-interested criminal gangs and those who support transparency are severely repressed.

Wikileaks is bigger than one individual, its the commons, its unstoppable and either the commons is going to win or we are all going to lose.

I am proud of donating to wikileaks, it went through an Icelandic bank account and whatever other criticism I have of the Icelandic Green Left in government they are at least a powerful force for freedom.

You can donate here http://wikileaks.ch/support.htmland I would urge you to do so.

A million fuck wit far right American, 'lets bomb South Korea' trolls will no doubt be in the comments box within a microsecond, demanding liberty and the right to kill all who defend liberty without even a trial.

Sad that Liberal Democrat MPs may be making this just a little bit easier but if I see a single LD MP defend Assange I will be both pleased and surprised.

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