22 Dec 2010

Jean-Luc Godard 'no such thing as intellectual property'

I am buried deep in the commons, trying to work on my book on Elinor Ostrom, her work is so important for defending the planet.....so hey if you want to publish an academic book on Elinor, just mail me! The intention is that it will be book number nine for me and I want to do something tight, referenced, and well the opposite of these mis-spelled quick put together blogs.

Any how missed this story until now, with the occassional reservation, I love Godard. Still think Contempt is the best film ever.


I am against Hadopi [the French internet-copyright law, or its attendant agency], of course. There is no such thing as intellectual property. I'm against the inheritance [of works], for example. An artist's children could benefit from the copyright of their parents' works, say, until they reach the age of majority... But afterward, it's not clear to me why Ravel's children should get any income from Bolero...

Godard paid 'a thousand euros toward the legal defense costs of James Climent (inset), a 37-year-old French citizen accused of downloading 13,788 MP3s'

The USA are trying to wreck the world wide web but people are fighting back.

Commons is the solution to the key problems of how to combine ecological sustainability with prosperity in a democratic framework, at the end of the day it's the core concept we derive from Marx and far from paradoxically the centre of any real libertarians dream.

From indigenous defending land to wikileaks, a struggle to defend and extend the commons in the face of those who would enclose it from short term gain is virtual universal....so very good to see my favourite film maker joining the struggle.

The vid is trailer number three for Godard's latest and probably last film 'Socialisme'.


Pete Shield said...

Imagine a world where musicians had to play live gigs to make money.

Microsoft had to make software that actually works.

Farmers could keep seeds from this year to plant next year.

Life saving drugs were available at a realistic price in developing countries.

What a nightmare- thank goodness for IP.

Sandwichman said...


My book manuscript features Elinor Ostrom's analysis at the centre of my proposal for a "labor commons union" and social accounting for disposable time, which links up to Marx's analysis of disposable time as the antithesis of surplus value.

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