3 Dec 2010

Lib Dem MP condemns students

Don't take non violent direct action, don't break the law, don't occupy....we live in a democracy so vote if you disagree like civilised people.

Well what of the thousands of students who did this voting Liberal Democrat because the Liberal Democrats promised to fight fees.

But then the Lib Dems changed policy to go into government.

This is what Cambridge Liberal Democrat MP Julien Huppert said about student occupations:

“But I cannot condone any action by students which results in them taking over property or breaking the law. I would appeal to these students to leave the university building and take steps to ensure that any future protests are staged in a peaceful way.”He isn't going to be an MP after the next election. This will be little comfort given the governments assault on education.

I hope the students get the message and occupy his offices.

May be the message is getting through the London Lib dems have cancelled their conference tomorrow because of student protest.


Anonymous said...

Dr Julian Huppert is keeping his pledge, and voting against an increase in fees. Yet you are encouraging students to occupy his office because of something he said. It was not a condemnation of students by any stretch of the imagination, it was a disagreement on the tactics students have used –to spin it any other way is disingenuous at best. In a free society people should feel free to express their opinions.




Derek Wall said...

if he does vote against good for him, I do think occupying lib dem offices is to be encouraged!

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